Room Rates & Services

Monthly Bookings Only: $1099 can. per month in the winter months, November thru March

Nightly Bookings: Start at $55 can. depending on time of year and how many people.

Services we provide:

  • Bungalow for 4 people.
  • Kitchen with dishes, stove, fridge, bar & stools, as well as a 5 gallon bottle of purified water on the counter.
  • Bedroom with a double bed and twin bunk beds, 70 channel satellite t.v and a ceiling fan.
  • Laundry room with cement washboard and clotheslines and a spacious bathroom.
  • Table and chairs in an area outside of your bungalow, by the pool.
  • Unlimited High Speed wireless internet.
  • On-site email computer for client convenience.
  • Clean sheets every time you want to change them.
  • Towels.
  • Toilet paper.

Our Rates:
No. of BungalowService IncludedPrice
1 to 5 Bungalow for 4 persons$1,000.00 per night (Air conditioned price)
6 Bungalow for 10 persons, two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen$1,500.00 per night (Air conditioned price)
7 Bungalow Study size for 3 persons, bathroom and kitchen$900.00 per night (Air conditioned price)
8 Bungalow Study size for 2 persons, bathroom and kitchen$600.00 per night (Air conditioned price)

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